​The three Pokémon with the highest speed rating

Pokemon Sword and Shield have added the Galer area. In this area, some Pokemon are much faster than others. PKMBuy will introduce you to the top three speed-grade Pokemon in Sword and Shield.

1. Regieleki

The last thing to talk about is our Regileki. It is the fastest Pokemon in the Pokemon Sword and Shield battle. Its speed rating reaches an astonishing 200. You can imagine how fast it is. As the fastest Pokemon, it is 40 points higher than any other Pokemon in the game.

2. Ninjask

Ninjask is the second-fastest Pokemon in the game, its speed rating is 160. At first, it made its debut in the third-generation game with Bug and  Flying-type, and then finally entered the Galar area in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Ninjask is one of the available Pokemon, and its location is not reflected when viewing the complete National Pokedex, which is not accessible in the 8th generation game.

3. Pheromosa

Pheromosa, ranked third, is a special type of Pokemon that was introduced in the 7th generation game Pokemon Sun & Moon.  It has a fairly thin structure, which makes it very aerodynamic, which is why its speed rating can reach 151, and its physical and special attack ratings are also at the elite level.

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