The new Pokemon TCG expansion pack Sword & Shield-Evolving Skies will be released in August

The new expansion pack of the Pokemon trading card game Sword & Shield-Evolving Skies will be released in August. The content will all be related to Eeveelutions and dragon monsters. This is the latest Pokemon Sword & Shield-themed expansion of the trading card game. The Galatian Legend Pack of Cold Reign on June 18 was announced earlier this year.

Together with Magic: The Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh, it dominates the TCG market. Many people like to collect them just for artistic and trade purposes. Some are fans of the card game itself. There are both fan-organized tournaments and official tournaments. However, trading card collections are more popular than ever, leading to a global shortage of Pokémon cards in recent months.

Now, Pokemon has announced Sword & Shield-Evolving Skies, which will be listed on August 27th. The expansion will feature Eevee and all its evolutions, including Pokemon V and Pokémon VMAX cards. The fighting style will also be implemented on the Eeveelution card, allowing new player strategies. On August 14th, an Evolving Skies Build & Battle Box containing four booster packs, an Evolution pack, and a deck-building reminder table will be available. The Evolution pack will contain cards from the current and previous series, as well as promotional cards with alternative art.

The expansion will also include a large number of fans' favorite dragon-shaped Pokemon as Rayquaza and Duraludon VMAX will debut their swords and shields for the first time. These dragons use attacks that use multiple energies-this is a costly option, but it sounds like it will prove to be a powerful action in battle. The usual booster packs will be sold, but two elite coach boxes will also be provided.

Although it's nice to put Eevee and all its evolutions in one group, there are some concerns about the recent Pokemon TCG reselling situation. At the same time, those planning to acquire Sword & Shield-Evolving Skies should check which retailers will provide these packages at launch. Revisiting the new strategy is not a bad idea either, because the combat type and multiple energy types will change the usual Pokemon TCG formula.

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