​Pokemon Sword and Shield: Unusual Max Raid Event

The short Easter theme Max Raid event of Pokémon Sword and Shield has ended. Unlike the past few Max Raid events, this event does not seem to have any Gigantamax Pokemon, although it does provide you with capturing Ditto and some other Gen 8 More opportunities for monsters.

The Max Raid event usually lasts a month, the most recent one was held in the past weekend, featuring various Easter Bunny Pokemon, including Shiny Azumarill. Players usually catch shiny Pokémon in this kind of activity.

The Pokemon encountered in Max Raids usually have better basic attributes than those found in the wild, so this is a good opportunity to grab some Ditto. During the event, Corviknight, Centiskorch, Dubwool, Drednaw, Orbeetle and their pre-evolved forms also appeared more and more frequently.

Before encountering the characteristic Pokémon in the game, you first need to refresh the Raid lair. You can do this by connecting to the game online or opening the Mystery Gift menu and selecting Get Wilderness News.

Participating in the event, the most important thing is to be happy. Even if you don't meet Gigantamax Pokemon, you don't have to be frustrated. After all, this is not an easy task. If you want to get more special Pokémon including Gmax Pokemon, You can Buy Shiny Pokemon from PKMBuy, which can help you save more time.

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