Pokemon Sword and Shield: some ways to get Zeraora

Zeraora is a mythical Pokemon, it can emit a large amount of electric current from the pads of the hands and feet to create a strong magnetic field. Unlike ordinary electric Pokemon, there are no organs in its body that can generate electricity. But it can store the electric energy drawn from the outside in the body and use it as its electric energy, which makes it very popular.

Unfortunately, Zeraora is as difficult to obtain as any given mythical Pokemon. With very few exceptions, these Pokemon can only be obtained through events, and The Pokemon Company does not support all regions equally in this regard.

Currently, Zeraora cannot be obtained from Pokemon Sword and Shield. If you are a player who obtained Zeraora from the previous event, you can move Pokemon to the Nintendo Switch game. No one knows whether this situation will change in the future.

The Pokemon Company has been very inconsistent when it releases mythical Pokemon in video games. When making these Pokemon available in multiple regions, the consistency is even lower.

In 2018, Zeraora was introduced in a face-to-face giveaway event where Pokemon can be obtained depending on the region. For example, in North America, Zeraora can be obtained from Gametop and EB Games retailers. In Europe, Pokemon can be obtained by going to specific retailers or participating in activities in specific countries/regions.

In 2020, Zeraora will be used again in Pokemon Sword and Shield as part of the Pokemon HOME promotional event. The mythical Pokemon is part of a global challenge. 1 million players need to defeat Zeraora, who was added to the event Max Raid Dens in the wild area. If the player transfers Pokemon between Sword and Shield and Pokemon HOME and is defeating Max Raid One of the players of Den Zeraora, then they will receive a shiny Zeraora.

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