​Pokemon Sword and Shield Sobble Evolution Guide

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, Sobble is the water-type starter and keeps a pure water-type throughout its evolutionary line. It is classified as sad and crying in nature, and it appears timid and hardly provocative. But it doesn't mean that it cannot stand firm in battle-This kind of chameleon-like Pokemon has powerful special attack attributes. Once it reaches the final evolution, it will become a heavy hitter in the late game. This article will introduce you to how to acquire, evolve, and G-Maxing Sobble.


Sobble is a chameleon that looks rather timid, and even so, the lizard is still a great choice for early games.  Players will get it through using the early game story and meeting Leon inside the nearby Pokémon Lab after following Hop. Then they must choose the water starter from the three options offered to them. The Sobble they receive will have Torrent capabilities, and once they reach one-third of their maximum health, their Water-type attacks will increase by 50%.  Sobbles with hidden sniper abilities can be obtained through Pokémon House as a mysterious gift.


Sobble evolved into an intermediate form of Drizzile at level 16, without any special requirements. Players need to use it in battle, because knocking down enemy combatants will gain experience points. Each point brings the Water Pokemon closer to the next level, resulting in improved statistics and new actions. Evolving to Drizzile will bring huge rewards to attributes. Compared with the total number of Sobbles, the basic attributes have increased by more than 25%. It can also get several new actions.


Drizzile evolves at level 35 into its final stable evolution, Inteleon. The final form of the water-type beginner is again accompanied by a substantial increase in basic attributes, as well as some new special moves. It learns to Snipe Shot immediately after it evolves, which is an iconic move unique to Inteleon.

G-Max Inteleon

The most advanced form of Inteleon is only temporary, but this does not reduce its destructiveness. G-Max Inteleon sits the perch of a storm cloud, holding a sniper rifle made of flowing water, ready to aim and shoot. It can only be obtained through the Isle of Armor DLC, which retails separately from the base game and costs approximately $30.

Once players complete purchasing, they're able to go to the newly launched Isle of Armor and collect Max Mushrooms. Completing the trial of Master Mustard in Max Dojo will convince him to teach you the recipe of Max Soup, which can be made with Max Mushrooms and fed to Inteleon to unleash its G-Max potential. After that, Gigantamax Pokemon is as easy as clicking the relevant button in battle.