Pokemon Sword and Shield: Raihan Nendoroid will be released soon

Pokemon Sword and Shield introduce players to a series of great characters, including the stadium director Raihan. Leon's long-time rival quickly became a fan favorite, and now players will have the opportunity to snag a Nendoroid based on the character of Good Smile Company! Like the previous release of Nendoroid in the Pokemon game, Raihan is also accompanied by one of his partners. For fans of Gym Leader, this is a very exciting thing.

The Nendoroid is expected to be available in January 2022. The character can currently be booked from Ami Ami, the price is 5,620 yen, equivalent to about 51.60 U.S. dollars. The importer shared a picture of the Nendoroid.

Raihan is the head of Hammerlock Stadium, specializing in Dragon-type Pokemon. Raihan dreamed of becoming the champion of the Galar region one day, but never defeated Leon. The character often uses his Rotom phone to take selfies, and the person who bought Raihan Nendoroid can let him do that!

Just a few months after Nendoroid was announced, The Raihan Nendoroid also issued a notice. This character is scheduled to be released in August and will be accompanied by her trustworthy Morpeko. There are still many characters in the game that are ideal candidates for this format.

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