​Pokemon Sword and Shield distributes free items again

Last weekend, Nintendo held the Pokemon Sword and Shield Players Cup III competition, from which you can get a limited-time item Dream Balls. A new limited-time Pokemon Sword and Shield Fantasy Ball are released.

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, each saved file can only be obtained at Wyndon Stadium. Dream Balls make it more likely to capture sleeping creatures, which is very useful for completing the last few entries of Pokedex.

For those who are still keen to play games through Sword and Shield, Dream Balls is also a collectible. Considering that we have to wait until the "Late 2021" for the diamond and pearl remake, and even Pokemon Legends, this is one of the few choices outside of the traditional game and Pokemon Go.

To redeem items for this event, you only need to enter the code "DREAMB1GPC3" in the "Gifts" section of the menu. The code is distributed in the Pokemon Players Cup 3 stream. This offer is valid until April 12th, so please take action as soon as possible. For more exciting content, please pay attention to our site: pkmbuy.com