​Players can get free Porygon-Z in Pokemon Sword and Shield soon

On August 7th, we will get a free Porygon-Z universal code, which is great news for fans. Now we only need to wait for a little over a week!

According to news from Serebii.net, The Pokemon Company will release another code through the tournament play. The culprit this time is Korea's Pokemon Trainer  Cup, which will be broadcast on August 7.

So the reward is really based on info from last year, which saw Jeong Sang-yoon took all this. The free Porygon-Z is just one of their characters, and may rock a silk scarf, with adaptability, timid nature, hyper beam, thunderbolt, dark pulse, nasty plot, and will be level 50 out of the gate.

Once the free Porygon-Z code flashes on the screen on the stream, you can catch this free critter in Pokemon Sword and Shield on that day. From there, you usually have 2 to 7 days to redeem it through the mystery gift menu: just go there in the game and enter the code.

It's always fun to check back into Pokemon Sword and Shield to obtain free content, but I was shocked that Game Freak/Nintendo does not support the game with extra content beyond the season pass. But this shouldn't come being a surprise, because Mario Kart 8 Deluxe remains the top five best-selling in the Switch and has not won any DLC for several years, and Game Freak usually moves to the next thing as soon as possible.

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