​How to use box link in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Sword and Shield are more attractive than the previous Pokemon. It made an innovation to Pokemon and added Box Link, which completely changed the classic Pokemon storage system. When the player first entered the wilderness, Sonia introduced Box Link early in the storyline of Sword and Shield.

How to use box link

Box Link is just a link to the Pokemon storage system, allowing you to exchange team members from almost anywhere. Although the Pokemon storage box is easier to access than ever, there are still some instances that cannot be connected. Nonetheless, this is much better than having to go to the Pokemon Center every time you want to change teams.

How to use Box Link to access Pokemon storage

Main menu (X)


'To box' (R)

You will enter your box. You can complete all operations through the Box link of the Pokemon Center PC. This includes organizing Pokemon in the entire box and swapping teams.

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