​How to get Gigantamax Bulbasaur and Squirtle?

To celebrate the latest update of Pokemon Home, from now until June 30, these two Pokemon can be obtained through mysterious gifts, and players can score points for Gigantamax Bulbasaur and Squirtle at the same time.

The Gigantamax forms of these two Pokemon were introduced in the Armor Island DLC after the player completed the first footprint of the Dojo Master. If you want to add them to your collection, just go to the mystery gift option in the sword or shield game and choose to get it via the Internet. But now players who don't have an expansion pack can score for themselves.

Players who use the DLC to obtain one of these entry Pokemon can use this mysterious gift and the Charmander, which is given to the player after completing the story, to collect all three entry Pokemon with the Gigantamax factor.

If you plan to score one of these Gigantamax entry Pokemon, PKMBuy recommends that you take advantage of the mystery gift rewards now, because it is not clear when they will be offered again outside of the DLC.

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