How much are Poké Dollars worth in real money

Poké Dollars are currencies based on the real world. In Pokemon Sword and Shield, because Pokemon's currency, Pokemon Dollar, is directly based on the Japanese Yen. In fact, in the Japanese version of the game, the Pokemon dollar is Japanese yen. Many people in the Pokemon fan circle use the term "yen" and "Pokemon dollar" interchangeably to talk about the currency of the game.

The term Pokemon Dollar is dedicated to the English localization of Pokemon. Its symbol-a P for Pokemon with two slashes below it-is reminiscent of the euro's €, or the Latinized ¥ symbol used for the yen in countries outside of Japan. The Pokemon Dollar symbol can easily be mistaken for the Russian ruble ₽. The English version of the Pokemon team wants to put the game's currency in a sense of reality. But in the Japanese version of the game, this reality is much clearer, where the English ₽ is just the Japanese symbol for yen (円).

English seems to be the only localized version of Pokemon, providing a fictional term for game money. The localization of South Korea is the same as that of Japan, and the actual symbol of the national currency is used in Pokemon. All in all, English Pokemon localization is unique in creating a fictitious world currency.

In games like swords and shields, a Pokeball is ₽200, a super potion is ₽1500, and resurrection is ₽2000. In U.S. dollars, their prices are approximately $1.80, $13.50, and $18, respectively. It takes 10,000 ₽ 10,000 to stock up and buy a large number of 50 Poke Balls, which is 10,000 yen, which is about US$90. To offset the cost of the Poke Ball, a large gold nugget is ₽20,000, which means it is worth 180 US dollars.

Since Poké Dollars are directly based on Japanese yen, it is easy to determine the player's spending in the Pokemon series. The conversion rate is approximately 100:9, and ₽100 is 90 cents. Knowing exactly whether the result of a shopping spree at Poké Mart is how many dollars is a blessing or a curse that causes anxiety depends on the player. However, the value of Pokemon Dollars may dwarf the value of Pokemon Cards. Read More: